Mind-Controlled Puppets

When it comes to talking about Mind-Controlled Puppets or as they call themselves “Targeted Individuals”, they identify themselves as individuals separated from their families and friends. Many of them end up either incarcerated or institutionalized for being mentally ill. Now, what are Targeted Individuals, they are such people who are targeted with covert technology. The weapon used to target those individuals is quite secretive. This weapon first came into existence in the year 1961 by Dr. Allen Frey as he claimed that humans could hear microwaves. Then the first successful unclassified voice to skull or mind reading experiment was conducted by Dr. Joseph C. Sharp and Mark Grove in the year 1974 at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. In the year 1975, researcher A. W. Guy stated that one of the most widely observed and accepted biological effects of low average power electromagnetic energy is the auditory sensation evoked in a man when exposed to pulsed microwaves. The ability to remotely transmit microwave voices inside a target’s head was known as “Synthetic Telepathy” in Pentagon at the time of its existence.

Now, in modern times, it can be assumed that this technology has evolved greatly. It can be certain that the spectrum of its use has also been spread. Many people are coming out claiming themselves as Targeted Individuals or TIs. If it is thought from those individuals’ point of view, they claim themselves as part of non-consensual human experimentation conducted by various intelligence agencies throughout the globe. Most of them claim it to be a violation of human rights.

However, it seems this program is not as secretive as it was intended to be and many of them claim that their thoughts are being broadcasted to the general public along with continuous tortures in their head. Along with that, they claim to face gang stalking, harassment skits, and gaslighting.

So, the question lies why are they being harassed in such unique ways and why are the entire people of their surroundings so desperately against them? The answer is they are being framed as not someone who might have ticked off someone high above in the authority, but as someone very dangerous and when any intelligence agency goes against any individual they are quite thorough and will maintain a file framing that individual with some undeniable details.

Moreover, in a busy civilization as it is today, can you really expect that if anyone’s thought is being broadcasted, then that would be everything he thinks? Definitely not. No one has the time and energy to go through that many details. So, what can really be expected to spread in society or the people? Something that is shortened for all to save their time and something that grabs everyone’s attention. If my assumptions are correct, then it is definitely any information that sells, and what sells is negative publicity.

But the main question is, are the targeted individuals innocent? From my point of view, they are. Because to conduct any sort of extreme crime, you need partners for that. So, if someone is that extreme it will be very difficult to manipulate their surroundings and a high risk of exposure of this covert operation.

So, what is the actual purpose of this mechanism? It can be assumed that the main purpose of this unethical mechanism is not to control that certain individual, but rather to use that individual as a tool to control society. The entire existence of such a unique program being hidden for such a long time definitely shows that the purpose of this program works and it works quite well.

Now, when you think of a Targeted individual’s social surroundings, you might ponder the question, why are they refused by their families or friends? The answer is quite simple “fear”. As soon as he or she becomes a target of this experiment, becomes a target of every single person who has ever been in touch with him or her. The secrets that he or she has of all those individuals immediately make him or her a target of those people and it can definitely be expected that they will side away from a targeted individual.

The question that might come to your mind may be why. It is quite simple, you can spill as many secrets as you like to any ordinary people, but when an investigation is conducted by the intelligence agencies, you would definitely prefer to portray a clean image resulting the Targeted Individual being an excellent scapegoat. Frankly speaking, if you were in such a place you would lie even to watching porn with that individual. It is the first thing how we respond to fear.

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