Everything You Need to Know About SPA Framework Vue.js

Over the last decade, the usage of javascript has increased rapidly. Eventually, this has made a way for many innovative Javascript libraries and frameworks. One such Javascript framework is Vue.js. It is a newer Javascript framework that has been used by many developers and in such a short amount of time, Vue.js has become quite a popular framework around the world.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss everything about Vue.js. But before that, let’s discuss what is a Javascript framework and why these frameworks are important.

Consider that you are running a social networking website where you have used Javascript heavily. On this website, there might be various features like Profile pic, commenting on another post, creating your post, and several others. On your website, if a person has changed their profile picture, then all the places where the person has commented and all the posts that the person has liked should contain a new profile picture. Doing this stuff on a basic Javascript website is difficult.

For that reason, developers have introduced Javascript frameworks. These Javascript frameworks are difficult to understand and learn but once you learn these frameworks, they make your work easy. Based on these concepts, there are many JS frameworks have been introduced all around the world. Few famous JS frameworks are Vue.js, React, js, Angular.js, Node.js, and many others. In this article, we are going to discuss the Vue.js framework.

What is vue.js?

Vue.js is a single-page application framework used for front-end development purposes. It is much more similar to the other major front-end frameworks like React.js and Angular. Vue.js has many similarities with both of these frameworks. For example, React has its library called redux and Vue.js has a similar kind of library called Vuex. Along with that, other major similar features of these frameworks are robust, light-weight, and easy to implement. However, react.js is powered by Facebook which has a huge community backing while Vue.js is a relatively new framework.

Advantages and disadvantages of vue.js:

Vue.js is an easy-to-learn framework that has one of the best documents compared to other major frameworks. Along with that, it has a huge member of an active community that helps Vue.js become a great Javascript framework.

Vue.js has a library called Vuex. it makes it easy for the developers when it comes to the state management in Vue.js. State management is very important for large applications. State management enables a developer to reduce the size of a code and make the app look more simple.

Vue.js also has similar features called props. With the props, a developer can easily pass a value from one component to another with just one line of code. Say, for example, if a user signs in and is redirected to another page and you want to show their name without using a database then you can simply use a prop component. With prop, you can get a user’s name from the signup page and show it on another page.

Vue.js has its frameworks for server-side rendering purposes. Server-side rendering is a huge requirement if you are willing to rank your website on Google. Vue.js has not one but two different frameworks for server-side rendering. One is Nuxt.js and another is Quasar. If you are planning to rank your website on google then selecting any of these frameworks can be the right option.

Talking about the disadvantages of Vue.js, it is a new framework and it is not backed by any big names. For example, Angular is backed and used by Google while React is used and backed by Facebook. There are fewer jobs for the Vue.js developers. If you are a Vue developer then you might need to try harder to get a full-time job because many companies are working on the react.js and Angular frameworks.

So, this is all the information that you need to get started with Vue.js. If you have any questions regarding not only Vue but any other Javascript framework then do let us know by dropping a comment. We would be glad to hear from you and solve your problems in the least amount of time.

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