A new technology based on Image Recognition is revolutionizing eCommerce

Yakkyofy today released the first-ever Image Recognition software that allows eCommerce entrepreneurs to get real-time B2B quotations for their dropshipping products with shipping prices for more than 100 countries in a matter of seconds.

Rome 19/02/2020, Yakkyofy, the only software that helps eCommerce owners to completely automate their dropshipping businesses sourcing and fulfillment processes, has just launched the first tool on the market that can provide real-time B2B quotations for dropshipping products in a matter of minutes.

This Image Recognition Technology based on Machine Learning, that is currently under international patent protection (PTC), will recognize any picture sent by the customer, find it in a 12 million product catalog and give back a quotation with shipping prices for more than a 100 countries instantly.

A disruptive technology that will change the eCommerce market forever

The dropshipping sales model allows online merchants to sell products that they do not physically own. Once the sale is made, the merchant pays the product and transfers the customer’s order to his suppliers, who proceed to ship the product to the final consumers.

This system reduces greatly the management costs of online stores, as merchants do not need to buy stocks of products beforehand and they do not have to bear any expense for managing a warehouse and fulfilling their orders.

This is a huge market that is growing exponentially year after year: in 2019 the global eCommerce retail sector generated revenues for more than $3453 billion of which 33% covered by the dropshipping sales model for a total amount of $1139 billion which is forecasted to reach $1609 billion in 2021 (statista.com).

Until now, most of the products delivered in dropshipping were bought by eCommerce owners with two main methods: adding a margin on products bought using arbitrage on another marketplace or directly from a supplier.

In the first case, the dropshipper was buying products one by one at B2C prices, in the second, he was buying products at B2B prices, but had to wait for quotations from 7 to 10 days and had to assure to the supplier a minimum amount quantity for the products he was going to buy.

Thanks to the new tool offered by Yakkyofy that offers real-time B2B quotations for dropshipping products everything is changed and now dropshippers can have B2B prices for their products without waiting and without the request of a MOQ.

How this Image Recognition technology works

In 2018, Giovanni Conforti and Carole Hsiao, founders of Yakkyofy, had the idea to realize a software that could completely automate the management of a dropshipping business from sourcing to delivery.

With this mission in mind, in September 2018, they launched the first version of the Yakkyofy software that allowed customers to import products from their catalog in just one click and to automate the payment and the fulfillment of all the orders arrived on a store.

The first version of the software could also ship orders within 3-12 days in North America and most of the EU countries and send back a tracking number to the end customer automatically.

Today, Yakkyofy, in addition to the first version of its software, introduced a new tool for real-time B2B quotation that will change the market forever: thanks to an Imagine Recognition Technology based on Machine learning, Yakkyofy’s software is now able to map a picture sent by a customer, find it in a huge database with millions of products and give back a quotation with shipping prices for more than 100 countries in a matter of minutes.

“2020 will be a very exciting year for us,” said Giovanni Conforti, Yakkyofy’s CEO. “Thanks to our Image recognition technology, now we are the only company on the dropshipping market that offers a new automated service to get almost instantaneous B2B quotes. This new tool will redefine completely the dropshipping market because it will offer greater profit margins, cut down waiting times for product quotations and increase dropshippers’ reactive sales when meeting new product trends.”

In 2021, statistics estimate that dropshipping revenues will reach $1609 billion and Yakkyofy is keen on taking the lead and becoming the principal player in the sector, thanks to its new disruptive technology and the many other features that are going to be released in the next year.

Soon, Yakkyofy’s software engineers will introduce additional features to automate even further the services that the company provides. Keep following the company on its Social media accounts to be updated with the latest releases.

Visit the Yakkyofy website: http://bit.ly/2uvEhcM

Image Recognition Page: http://bit.ly/2US3Mzo

About the Company: Yakkyofy is the only dropshipping software that helps you manage and automate all your dropshipping business daily tasks and to save time and money. The software is really simple, you register for free, connect your store to Yakkyofy (they have direct integrations with Shopify and Woocommerce), import your products and start to sell, without inventory.

Each time an order arrives on your store, the same order will be passed automatically to Yakkyofy, who will purchase the product and ship it out to the final customer. At the same time, a tracking number will be automatically sent to your customers by email.

Yakkyofy can also assist you in dropshipping products in Private label and with customized packaging. All of the Yakkyofy services are available to you with just a few clicks, directly on our software, no manual work required.

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