A Quick Buying Guide to Understand What To Look For in a Tray

If you are looking for versatility in your kitchen, a large serving tray is probably is the best accessory to add to your stash. Not only does it constitute a serving platform for food and drinks but it also acts as an organizer for other household items like candles, bottles, vases, plant pots, make-up products, and just about anything. Trays are also great options for keeping books or magazines in a neat and stacked manner for easy access. And let us admit it; a tray with a vintage or modern-day design will always definitely add an element of good décor sense, creative accent, and a beautiful visual appeal.

Visual emphasis is one of the main deciding factors of how the containing object is presented to the audience. Serving together with decoration paves the way for maximum creative bliss even for the things that are otherwise mundane in the day-to-day progression of our lives. A large serving tray is multipurpose, utilitarian, and to add the icing on top, one of the most effective enhancers of elegance and beauty. They come in various sizes, designs, aesthetics, materials, and purposes making your kitchen and home space stand out in ocular splendour and appreciation. In other words, with a tray in handy, you are not just putting your organizational verticals in line but also find purpose in making your life filled with aesthetic purposes.

So if are you planning on expanding your kitchen or home organizer kit with the practical features of a tray, the following tips will help you chose the right one suiting all your requirements.


The most important narrowing-down that you have to do before buying a tray is to decide on its purpose. Whether it is for serving food or drinks, for organizing your knick-knacks or your vanity table lipstick organizer, your practical goals will help you browse the right type. Based on the utility of the tray, you can choose your tray that will answer a lot of questions when you find yourself in a classic situation of ‘spoilt for choice’ at the store.


Setting the purpose of your tray right brings you to the next deciding factor, which is the size. Trays come in various shapes, designs, and size each of which aims at delivering the best functional requirements irrespective of whether it is food, drinks, or other daily objects. If you already know what purpose your tray is going to serve, the dimensions will be easier to choose.


Trays also vary extensively in terms of its building material. Now, if a tray is going to find use as a serving accessory for foods and drinks, melamine and metal are the best options to go for because of their elegant finish and prolonged durability. Every material disintegrates over time, repeated use, and moisture retention, but that is not the concern here. Wooden tables, on the other hand, are multipurpose and their sturdiness makes them ideal for organizing purposes. Keep your lipstick collection on a beautifully engraved wooden tray on your vanity or just arrange living room objects like remotes, ashtrays, and tissue boxes by the side table to enhance your home space with an element of grace and vintage opulence.

Look for Elevated Sides and Handles

Raised sides in trays come in very handy especially when they used for serving food and beverages. The sides help in keeping the food secure and cut down on the chances for drinks to accidentally topple. Handles make trays very portable, which is one of the most important characteristics that customers look for. Cut-out handles provide a firm grip and allow for the food or other objects to be carried around effortlessly. The material of the handle may differ from the base of the tray giving it an edgy look and scope for incorporating various designing scopes.

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