Features affecting the cost of designing a store site

You may think that a store site is much more expensive than the design price of a corporate site because of the large number of products it contains. The fact is that this is only one of dozens of cases affecting the site design tariff.

What you expect from your site visitors is very important. If you know that your visitors are investors and business owners, in some cases, user interface design and user experience will become more specialized and expensive for that site. On the other hand, the amount of time you have as a customer to deliver the site can change the site design tariff in general. In addition to all this, we must mention that if for your store site, its own design is a priority for you. We have to say that custom design of a site is very costly.

In the following, we will name all the features that affect the cost of designing a store site.

Dedicated page design

Dedicated page design is very time consuming. While designing each page with a ready-made template is done faster. Because of this, custom design of a page is more expensive than design of the same page with ready-made templates.

Mobile mode

These days, buying a product or service via mobile is a common way for everyone. Therefore, the mobile version of an online store should be designed in such a way that you can easily select the buttons and options within the site. But you should know that the design of this section requires advanced coding, which will increase the design rate of a site.

User interface design and user experience

The user interface is the part of the site that connects the customer to the site features. This section can be designed with simple tools or professionally coded. These two factors can increase or decrease the design cost.

On the other hand, the user experience conveys a positive feeling to the user after entering the site and working with its tools. The design of this section can be very time consuming and due to its time consuming, increase the design tariff of websites.

Special facilities

What sets your store site apart from others is the special features you provide for it. For example, designing the offered products section, adding the Special offer section in the site pages, designing the sales section of returning goods, designing the sales section of the year trends and wish list, designing the offered products section according to the purchased product and dozens of other features can be used as Special features of a store site should be considered. Each of these sections increases the design time of the site in WikiDemi and as a result increases its design tariff.

Special search locations

For a store site, finding a product easily and quickly, among a multitude of products, is an important feature. On some sites, the search features are very simple. But in others, using advanced coding, it is possible to use different filters to find the product.

The cost of coding this section can vary greatly depending on the customer’s order. WikiDemi manages to do this well with a reasonable tariff and using an expert team.

Clever design of search results page

The design of this section may seem very simple in appearance, but we must say that the wrong design of this section can cause the user to leave the site. We design this section so that when a user types the product name into the search box, the relevant goods are displayed in the search results page as best they can; That means all goods

With the full name, price, discount rate and customer ranking on the search results page in separate cells.

Another feature we use to better display the product on the search results page is the ability to display a close-up view of the product by hovering the mouse over the product image. This is one of the additional features in the design of the store site. Therefore, it easily increases the cost of site design.

Advanced product filtering

One of the most important parts of designing a store site that can play a decisive role in the cost of preparing it is to provide an advanced filtering system. Suppose you are looking for a blue dress. We design the search box so that when you type the blue word in the site search box, results tailored to your needs will be displayed. Suppose you are a new user on the site, when you first click on this word in the search box, all the blue goods will be displayed for you. Instead, if you are a user who has already searched for a product on the site, it will show you products in the search list according to your previous search and tastes.

We can design this section even smarter. For example, if you log in as a customer or search for a product as a major buyer, the products on the search results page will be different. Appropriate results will be displayed for each person according to the needs of the people.

These features are very useful, but these features will easily increase the cost of designing a website.

Number of site pages

One of the most important part of having a site design tariff is the number of pages a site needs. For example, if you want to sell a variety of products, you need to consider a larger budget than when you are focused on selling a particular product. Because products have to be categorized into different subcategories, each section has to have a different user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) tailored to it.

Increase inbound site traffic (SEO)

One of the vital issues that is considered as part of site design is SEO. A store site will not sell unless the design of its various sections is SEO friendly and on the other hand receives a good ranking in Google. SEO-friendly design of a store site is a costly and time consuming task. This alone will increase the cost of designing an online sales website.

Connect the warehouse to the online store

Designing and launching a good website is only half the battle for great product sales. In fact, the commitment to the customer to deliver the goods on time, maintain product quality, provide after-sales service and be informed of its inventory is another part of the path to success.

To achieve this goal, it is essential to design a part of the site that can connect the physical warehouse to the online store. Although this section is considered as an additional feature for the site, we recommend all our customers to add this section to the site. After connecting the warehouse to the online store site, your site customers and suppliers can be informed of the stock of each product. In addition, shippers can select stores with sufficient inventory to ship. Also, the system of taking invoices from the inventory list of goods in different stages is possible by launching this section.

Although this section greatly increases the estimated cost of site design, it is very useful for our customers who are looking to expand the facilities of their store site.

Customer panel design

We have found in our surveys that a large proportion of customers who leave the site in the final stages of purchase are simply confused by the customer panel. The customer panel of an online sales site is the part where a customer can see the information of the ordered product, add or help the new product, choose the address and delivery time, and pay for the product.

The design of this section may seem silly, but we must say that the design of the user interface and user experience of this panel is very important. That is why the specialized design of the customer panel will increase the design tariff of a store site.

We have designed three separate sections for the customer panel design, which are displayed on three separate pages. Below you can read the information related to each section.


Information of purchased goods such as name, color, size, code

Number of products purchased

Product shipping cost

The amount payable

Discount rate

The final price

Discount code registration section

Post information

Address Information: Enter the address or select the sending address

Select the submission method

Specify the sending time interval

Payment info

Ability to choose the payment method

Possibility of payment on the spot

View the total purchase amount

Display shipping and packing costs

View the total purchase amount

Access to the rules and conditions of return of goods

Ability to print product order receipts

Before ordering a website design, the type of site and the expected features should be carefully considered. Each of these can affect the design of a website. But instead, they will provide more features to customers.

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